How do I book my holiday to Norfolk Island?

Simply go to the ‘Bookings’ tab above and fill in the booking enquiry form. Our consultant will respond to your request shortly with a fully costed quote and all the valid travel arrangements required.

Do I need a passport to travel to Norfolk Island?

Yes – Now is a good time to check that your passport will be current for your period of travel. Please advise when booking if the name on your passport is different to your common usage name, the name on your air ticket must be the same as that on your passport. If you are not travelling on a current Australian or New Zealand passport please be aware you must qualify for Australian visa requirements.

What currency is used on Norfolk Island?

Norfolk Island uses Australian currency. There are Westpac & Commonwealth bank branches on Norfolk Island. Access to ATM facilities are available and most major credit cards are accepted in the business sector.

Do I require Travel Insurance for Norfolk Island?

We strongly recommend that passengers are covered by adequate Travel Insurance for protection against cancellation fees, illness, injury, emergency assistance, loss of baggage and personal items, failure of supplier, additional accommodation or repatriation to Australia due to illness, accident or aircraft delays. It should be borne in mind that as your destination is an island, you can be subject to aircraft diversion in extreme weather conditions or other circumstances. Passengers electing not to take Travel Insurance do so at their own risk and accept responsibility for their own costs or losses sustained.

Where do I report for departure check-in?

Flights depart from the airport International terminal. Check-in is required two hours prior to the scheduled departure time. If you have connecting domestic flights please ensure you allow sufficient time to transfer from domestic to international terminals.

What are the weather conditions likely to be?

Norfolk Island is subtropical with temperatures ranging from 19-28° in summer and 12-21° in winter. Although cooler, the mid-year from June to August can be beautiful.

What are the dress requirements?

Comfortable casual by day and smart casual in the evening. It’s wise to pack a warm sweater, wincheater or jacket and a light raincoat. Bring good walking shoes or trainers, and a torch for evening walks. Don’t forget the hat and sun screen.

What language is spoken on Norfolk Island?

English, but you’ll often hear the islander’s speaking their Norfolk language that is a mix of Tahitian and Old English inherited from the Bounty Mutineers.

Is there a time difference on the island?

Norfolk Island is 1½ hours ahead of Australian EST and ½ hour behind New Zealand standard time. Norfolk Island does not have daylight saving.

Can I use my current driving license?

Yes – The general speed limit is 50km/hr, reduced to 40km/hr in the shopping area. Cattle roams free in the rural areas and has right of way at all times as do horses. Driving is on the left hand side of the road.

Is there Customs & Quarantine controls on entry to the island?

Fresh vegetables, fruit, flowers and seeds are prohibited imports to keep the island free from introduced disease. Pork and poulty from New Zealand are prohibited.

What if I have a questions not answered here?

Go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab above and type the question in the enquiry form. Our consultant will do their very best to answer your question shortly.

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